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Zombie Girl by JadedGrace Zombie Girl :iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 1 2
Making, Unmaking
I found her sleeping behind the bricks in my bedroom wall.
I called her Hannah and she called me 'Pretty Boy' which I liked a lot better than George. When I first found her she was as bereft of knowledge and weak as a kitten. I took care of her, nursed health back into her shattered mind and wasted limbs. She would look at me with her green cats-eyes and the world would swim.
At first she didn't talk at all, just watched me with those unearthly eyes. I would wake up in the middle of the night and see her gaze piercing through my mind. It would follow me into my dreams and into my life outside of the room I was beginning to think of as her home. The night she first started talking I woke sweating from some unremembered dream.
A voice crooned from the darkness 'Wake up, pretty boy, pretty boy.'
I let the darkness crash upon me in my shock at her voice. It spoke to me of wood-smoke and herbs, blood, fire and the death of small animals. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard a
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 2 0
i am untouchable
they took me from my
cradle and they bleached my
hair and my eyes while the bone-white
finger-moon looked on.
howling and tearing, i am not
myself, not anything, i am
i have no taste and no smell. i
am no colour and your eyes have an
aversion for me, while my
ghost-bones and see-through
fingers drift through all that is
real and true. i drift
i drift through time and i
am untouchable.
they burnt last year's
silver effigy on the fire
carrion shrieks and whoops
carrying the stink and the heat and the
sacrifice up to the blind sun.
shiver and shake when i come
near, see me too dancing in a
blaze. i am untouchable
i am touched and i am an
inferno and i melt with moisture
evaporating off my clay.
i am sight, i am sound and
taste and touch and love. i am a
blaze, i am ablaze.
they dance and no-one
sees how the
caught-moth of my heart
escapes through my mouth and
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 0 0
67 percent
they told me to burn my wings
there is a mirror and in
it i see what i should
be. i am 67% strange. i
look at the skinny box-girls
with their cookie-cutters and
shiny eyes and mouths. i
am 67% too much.
there are glass splinters
in my hands and in my eyes
and i am running away from
the siren's call, the
sirens' wail while the red light
flashes. i have gone 67%
further than the
edge of the world. there
is a promise in the glittering teeth,
there is a promise watching
me from the monster's scales
the world is a promise. i look for
it and it cracks amd shifts
into a hundred thousand drifting
shards. i lose 67% of them between
the cracks in my mind and the
gap between how much i
am loved and the weight of a
bee-egg. the wind
blows through me and the
other 67% ghosts. it's
a dream too fragile
to be believed, the
mercury-world turns and
turns and we try to catch it
before it sprouts wings and
flies away. i am 67%
i will buy a cookie-
cutter and i will buy a
siren. i will be
all th
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 4 7
it's been such a
time-honoured tradition, how
can any man do
any differently?
it's there, the evidence
of it is everywhere. philomela's
a nightingale, cassandra's burning
in her tower and every
girl is willing, really, no
matter what she says.
who can deny the
pleasure of hard hands on
thrashing skin, of causing
bruises and tears, of your own
sweet salvation and release at the
expense of someone
else? it's a form of artistry, an
art of vermillion and indigo,
of fragile glass and ripped-apart
silk. you're just
doing what's always been
done and isn't that just
grand and good and godly?
dear lucrece, you should
have run away faster.
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 1 2
dido's on her pyre and i'm
singing in the dark. won't
you take me and make me
somehow better, somehow real?
i want to evaporate. she's
gone incandescent, a vision of
orange and red feathers, a golden
skeleton of beauty rising ever
higher, into the night sky.
the marks on my skin have
faded and without them
(i don't remember. i don't know what i am
could i look for myself in the
nests of birds and the screams of
vulpine creatures? dear spectator,
this is all you have, a lost girl
searching for a hopeless never-land and
some queen burning her way
across eternity. do we
terrify you? or do you want
us like you've never
wanted anything?
are we your treasure,
your pearl? do you wake with
the taste of her on your lips?
one day i will burn too. one
day i will have become
it, the object at the end of
desire and maybe you'll be able to stand me then.
one day i will fly.
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 0 0
break away
i want to write about a prison.
i want to write of chapped lips and
frostbitten fingers and the tintinnabulation of
a tin cup against cruel steel
bars. i dream in shattered prisms and the
ghosts whisper to me in the
voices of stolen children. i want
to remember rain-poured kisses
and the captive-bride moon.
i don't want to remember you
i want to write
about faery tales and escape into
eerie damp forests. i want the
wolf to come to me and whisper
sweet lies and air into my
ears. i will lay in the dirt while the sowbugs
crawl around my ribs and the
maggots form a sticky necklace
around my throat. i want the
fireflies to perform a dance
solely for my eyes.
i want to watch my words
fly away and be scoured
clean and empty by the wind.
i want to be a fire. i want to
burn and not because
you're touching me. i will be
the snow queen and you can watch
me shatter into a thousand brilliant
bits of mirror, glittering on the
i am nothing you have
ever seen before. i will
turn, turn and burn i
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 0 0
Alice's interview
It had not been a good week for Maddeus Finch. It should suffice to say that the recruitment process Pryce Industries had undertaken for it's sometimes less than legal dealings, had thrown up idiot after idiot. After hours of fruitless interviews with people who he was amazed could actually walk and breath simultaneously, with misspelt tattoos, he was more than ready to throw in the towel. It was with this mindset that he decided to pose a challenge for those who deemed themselves worthy to participate in the rebirth of the machine that was Pryce Industries.
He entered the room , seeing the sorry lot whose type he was beginning to recognise all too well. Drunkards, drug addicts, frankly they were the best of them. It was simply incomprehensible how these people would be any use at all. Making a mental note to talk to the idiots at recruitment, he cleared his throat. 'Gentlemen,' he said firmly. Various body parts which he would just have to assume were heads turned to look in his direc
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 0 3
FP- alice by JadedGrace FP- alice :iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 1 3
seeking solace
hey you broken-boned and bird thing
is there still soot clinging to your eyelashes
or was that just a vodka-soaked
if i pull you out of the fire will you
tell me that i'm fucking beautiful
no really, no really, no
really, tears of honesty staining and
calcifying your face, i am?
call me your shirley manson
because i would steal a ship
or do time for you in the same
way that i'm some supposedly porcelain
epitome of beauty, lace-draped helen of
troy, persephone edged in black and lightning
broken-boned and bird thing, you're
just that, irrevocably smashed like
everyone else who dreams in colour and
doesn't love me. its the ultimate
agreement isn't it? only existing
once both parties consent
being the only one at the party is just no
goddamned fun
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 3 5
it's the seperation that makes it,
that brings it to its colour scheme, the pallor
required for the sweetness
each part has its place and its
measure. lily white they blend together in
their bowl, an offering to some
virginal deity
it's bittersweet to begin with,
before being set in small pieces,
swaddled, baby-like, on its metal resting
place and given to the heat that
will change and purify it, like a
soul, the soul of an egg or a
world or of an idea
desirous. if only i could
take the agreeable and bitter parts of
myself and by some sweet alchemy
combine them so that i too can
be made of light and taste of sugared air
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 0 0
teapot by JadedGrace teapot :iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 0 0
i will learn until i am so
normal that the sight of me makes you sick.
it's what you wanted after all
order, order making me choke, the dead leaf
smoke from the fires of your discipline, until i
am so supple that you can bend and bend me
until i am something else
(because it's what you wanted)
there is something so insidious in what we
have, something rotten and corrupted at its core.
you are a blue winged electric angel and i
am your sacrifice to the mud and to the tar, to the
silty darkness and silence. toxin your
reservoir baby, toss me in and let me
decay and creep into your water so that
i am a part of you the way i never was
before. let me curl up into the
too small space around your heart and
regulate your heartbeat so that it buzzes
like a hummingbird at even the suggestion of me.
i'll pour my soul out and move away and
you'll cut your hair and find a boyish girl and we'll
forget that there was ever an anything, a dark
dirt after taste or poisoned water supply.
forget tea
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 1 2
i will possess your heart
My sister tried to kill herself again yesterday.
I raced to the hospital with its antiseptic smell that never hides the tang of death, just like I always do, my keys engraving themselves into my hand, bleeding bleeding bleeding just like her, just like she always does. The nurse, with her shifting faces and voices, with her amorphous features directs me where to find her and leads me down the clone corridors which shift and pulse as if they know a secret about me and are trying to hold it in. The room, always the same room, no matter that we’re in Cape Town not Johannesburg, or Pietermaritzburg or Durban or all the myriad of other places that my sister has tried to end herself, is full of the sounds of machines bleeping and liquids dripping, that evil sound which I’ve heard too often. There she lies, smug as a queen, amongst the wires and the lights and the scalpels and other sharp edged medical objects which are kept out of her reach. Father. Mother. Crowded around her like
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 3 11
fertile girl
i bet he tasted of fullness.
fullness and longing and wishful thinking and
want. i bet he left you unsatisfied
and gasping. i bet you wish you
hadn’t and you wished you
you look me in the eyes as
if you’re searching for something,
for redemption. this might rule the
rest of your life or it could be a
dream, a nothing, a no-thing.
if i had to think about it,
it would’ve been me, i’m the reckless one who
does things without thinking and i don’t
know what to do, i don’t know
what to do, idon’tknowwhattodo
stop looking at me as if i contain salvation
we need a plan and we need to keep you from
falling apart and i need a cigarette even though i don’t
smoke, even though smoking is disgusting. i could ask
the box and screen for an i answer, i
could ask the box and screen for salvation and it will
give it to us, if you don’t mind side-effects and loss
and want (it was want that got us into this in the first place)
you eat your seeds and swallow
:iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 0 0
pimp my wellies by JadedGrace pimp my wellies :iconjadedgrace:JadedGrace 0 2

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a song for silas by Visceralmilk a song for silas :iconvisceralmilk:Visceralmilk 249 28
The Aftermath of Pumpkins
i thrust inside the paunch of pumpkins
twined fingers, the fibers of lush pulp--
my hand, spider-like in sleek webs
pulled and scraped the curve.       
                   the curse of autumn
are chunks jammed under fingernails,
yellow threads dehydrated on palms, wrists
tightening skin.
i thought about summer dying
into these beastie fruits, after first bursting from sky
to sky, spiked orange
falling its colors to leaves, migrating to ground
blanketing seeds.
and i wanted to carve buoyancy into the ribs,
my ribs; sculpt blossom ends to bloom
chocolate plant mouths, my mouth--
child-like, smeared.
leveling down, i would become a nut nestled
inside seed, a soft candle in a belly
bending in all directions
as light can, sleeping to dream 'til November
illuminating again, again.
:iconnyxxie23:nyxxie23 89 27
fair grading.
rain rain you went away
come back and flush me down the drain.
i sat in the middle of the road and my mind's in a drought
i've got the carcasses of words baking in harsh artificial light within me.
[i slur my words, but don't think it's because i've been drinking
i just don't know how to bring myself to say anything to you.]
we're walking down the street, puddles lit by street lights.
there are rainbows in the cement cracks, and your words are sparkling with magic.
'this is where dreams live,' you tell me.
'this is where dreams live.'
[if this is a dream, then i must be snow white, and not even your kiss can wake me up.]
twinkle twinkle little star
your explosion burnt my heart,
i'm collecting galaxies and dust in my jackets,
purely because she's no longer around to wear them when she gets cold.
i think my sinuses are extrapolating a long night from tissues, flaked into what i know
what i can't remember and what i can't forget.
we give our hearts suitcases
and tell them to just l
:iconamertie:Amertie 113 128
BB Pg 23 by WordsAreMyWeakness BB Pg 23 :iconwordsaremyweakness:WordsAreMyWeakness 6 18 Here and Now Gallery 2 by WhereRMyWings Here and Now Gallery 2 :iconwherermywings:WhereRMyWings 2 2 Here and Now Gallery 3 by WhereRMyWings Here and Now Gallery 3 :iconwherermywings:WhereRMyWings 3 0 Beloved Imagination by mooray Beloved Imagination :iconmooray:mooray 38 18
because i love you.
listen, just for a few minutes.
take a few deep breaths [even if you don't want to breathe anymore]. listen to the pitter-patter of your heart beating in your ears and feel your pulse racing. taste the silence of the world; see the anxiety take over you.
close your eyes and look at the black. look at the black until you see something worth holding onto inside of yourself. wait until breathing doesn't feel like a losing game and then open your eyes,
and listen.
look, you
are wonderful. you remind me of a lullaby in winter, sung like a secret not meant for anyone to know; but it's a shame, because you're one of the most beautiful songs.
maybe you're fireworks that sparkle and light up the july sky - but unlike fireworks, you'll keep glowing into forever.
or maybe you’re just you, and that’s more than enough.
i know there's magic in the world.
[you're proof.]
i'd give you a rainbow if it erased the gray days; i'd give you a mirror if it made you see how wonderful you really
:iconamertie:Amertie 1,702 598
deep fried by whitedog1 deep fried :iconwhitedog1:whitedog1 1,345 338 RAHRAHRAH by whitedog1 RAHRAHRAH :iconwhitedog1:whitedog1 2,161 543
The Alphabet By George W. Bush
The Alphabet By George W. Bush
A is for Afghanistan…A place I like to drop bombs. Also for Ashcroft, one of my homies.
B is for Bush…Hey, that's me!
C is for Cheney…My main home boy!
D is for Democrat…People I don't like
E is for Energy…One of my favorite special interests
F is for Fired…Something I may be come November
G is for God…A Person I enjoy playing.
H s for Hell…What I turned Iraq even more into
I is for Idiot…What a lot of people think I am.
J is for Joke…Another thing people think I am.
K is for Kerry…A person I don't like and who may take my job.
L is for Loser…What some people think I am.
M is for Me…It is all about me!
N is for nuclear…A word I can not pronounce correctly.
O is for Oil…Black gold baby!
P is for pretzel…Something I choked on other than being president. Also for Powell, the only person on my administration who knows what they are doing.
Q is for Qualifications…something I have none of.
R is for Rumsfeld, another one of my home boys.
S is for Saddam…That bas
:iconicewarm1980:IceWarm1980 65 26
George W. Bush Dictionary
Dictionary layout: The words and phrases in George W. Bush English are defined in American English explanations.
Operation Iraqi Liberation - The acronym.
Operation Enduring Freedom - Operation Enduring OUR Freedom.  Not Yours.  Ours.  Bitch.
France - Next place to bomb.  And I'll rename it "Freedomland."
John Ashcroft - Big Brother.
England - Home of cheerleader captain Tony Blair.
Osama bin Laden - Who?
Donald Rumsfeld - Mr. Wargasm.
Coalition of the Willing - All the little countries who know we'd bomb the fuck out of them if they tried anything against us.
Weapon of Mass Destruction - Any weapon with enough power to decimate a large population or area....that isn't mine.
Election - A basic democratic process in which the people of a country choose their leader.  Optional.  (THANK YOU JEB)
French, the - Cheese-eating surrender monkeys.
Abu Ghraib - The #1 S&M club in Iraq.
USA Patriot Act - USA We Own You Bitches Act.
Shock And Awe Campaign - A bunch of planes fly over Baghdad and d
:iconmjolnirif:MjolnirIF 78 89
Vote Jacob Zuma by CaptainUnobservant Vote Jacob Zuma :iconcaptainunobservant:CaptainUnobservant 16 39



martha :)
South Africa
let's have a tea party dear hatter :)

martha wants you to remember that she loves you

Current Residence: wonderland...and occasionally my own head... and occasionally your heart
deviantWEAR sizing preference: S-M
Favourite genre of music: Metal and old school
hello all things bright and shiny. perhaps this is a bit of a self-advertising thing, all look at me! look at me! or perhaps im just procrastinating so i don't have to study for my journ exam but i feel that it is time to do a list of the 100 themes i've done and plan to do.

1. introduction
2. love
3. light
4. dark
5. seeking solace
6. break away
7. heaven
8. innocence
9. drive
10. breathe again
11. memory
12. insanity
13. misfortune
14. smile
15. silence
16. questioning
17. blood
19. gray
20. cookies
21. vacation
22. mother nature
23. cat
24. voodoo
25. trouble lurkng
26. tears
27. foreign
28. sorrow
29. happiness
30. under the rain
31. flowers
32. night
33. expectations
34. stars
35. hold my hand
36. precious treasure
37. eyes
38. abandoned
40. rated
41. teamwork
42. standing still
43. dying
44. two roads
45. illusion
46. family
47. creation
48. childhood
49. stripes
50. breaking the rules
51. sport
52. deep in thought
53. keeping a secret
54. tower
55. waiting
56. danger ahead
57. sacrifice
58. kick in the head
59. no way out
60. rejection
61. fairy tale
62. magic
63. do not disturb
64. multitasking
65. horror
66. traps
67. playing the melody
68. hero
69. annoyance
70. 67%
71. obsession
72. mischief managed
73. i can't
74.are you challenging me?
75. mirror
76. broken pieces
77. test
78. drink
79. starvation
80. words
82. pen and paper
82. can you hear me?
83. heal
84. out cold
85. spiral
86. seeing red
87. flood
88. pain
89. through the fire
90. triangle
91. drowning
92. all that i have
93. give up
94. last hope
95. advertisement
96. in the storm
97. safety first
98. puzzle
99. solitude

at first i was intendin to do them all in order but... do i still want to do them all in order?
love peace happiness etc
  • Listening to: bleed llike me- garbage


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